[Flac-dev] Bug with FLAC raw encoding

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 2 13:05:25 PST 2001

> > I found a bug with FLAC v0.6 raw encoding. It
> appears that the file
> > pointer in the source file is not reset after
> seeking to the end for
> > checking the size. I've attached a patch.
> What's the impact? Do I have bad .flac files?
If you are piping raw samples in, no.  The bug only
occurs when you give an input file AND use -fr.  In
that case the encoder will stop immediately after
writing only the header.  The output will look
something like:

0.00% complete: frame 0, wrote 42 bytes, 0 of 230389
samples, ratio =   Inf

unfortunately the exit code is still 0 in this case,
so if you are running silent from a script you might
not notice.

this is probably a good point to remind everyone
that FLAC is still beta so don't delete your
originals!  everyone here has been good about it
but I'm dreading that message from someone who
lost all their stuff.


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