[Flac-dev] contribution, rpm packaging

Josh Coalson xflac at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 19 10:31:02 PST 2001

--- Daniel Resare <noa at metamatrix.se> wrote:
> For my own needs I have created the .spec file needed for rpm
> packaging
> of the flac package.

thanks, I'll put this in the queue.  I won't be able to do
much with flac until january.

> I saw that there are some asm code for preformance critcal things.
> Does
> binaries built on for example i686 contain instructions that are
> incompatible with the i386?

if asm optimization is not disabled, and nasm is available,
for any i386 build, then several versions of some functions
are always assembled.  some use mmx, some use sse, some use
3dnow extensions.  at runtime the library determines which
cpu is being used and chooses the right assembly or C routine
to use.

the only exception is with sse.  sse instructions require
processor AND operating system support, and there is no
run-time check for OS support anymore.  so to get sse at
all you have to use the --enable-sse flag with configure.
this is the only way you can get an i386 binary that won't
run on all i386 machines.  that binary would crash if run on
a cpu that supported sse instructions under an OS that did


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