[Flac-dev] contribution, rpm packaging

Daniel Resare noa at metamatrix.se
Tue Dec 18 13:16:05 PST 2001

For my own needs I have created the .spec file needed for rpm packaging
of the flac package.

End users

If anyone is interested in the resulting rpm-files i have made them
available on http://noa.tm/flac-rpms/

FLAC maintainers

I have attached the specfile along with hooks in Makefile.am and
configure.in in unified diff format so that they are ready for inclusion
in future versions of the flac source distribution. The patch is against
flac-1.0.2. If the source distribution is built with 'make dist' the end
user should be able to build his own rpm files with the 'rpm -tb
flac-VERSION-src.tar.gz' command.

The build and functionality is tested on redhat-7.2 on i686.

The build requires the libogg-devel and xmms-devel packages to be

The build produces three packages: flac, flac-devel and flac-xmms. nasm
support is not built.


I saw that there are some asm code for preformance critcal things. Does
binaries built on for example i686 contain instructions that are
incompatible with the i386?

Daniel Resare

PS. Please reply CC any replies to this message to noa at metamatrix.se as
I'm not on the flac-dev list

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