[daala] Idea for video codec

Rene Bartsch rene at bartschnet.de
Wed Jan 8 03:07:20 PST 2014


I'm new to the list. So a "Hello" to all.

I have an idea for a non-block-based video codec. My graphics experience 
is limited to OpenGL programming of my university education ages ago. So 
the theory might be complete nonsense. But considering the patent issues 
with current codecs it may also have some rudiments you can use for a 
new video codec.

The approach is to run a loop over all frames and do the following:

1. Reduce the color space to have enough details for the human eye but 
get as big as possible areas of the same color.
2. Do 1. with brightness space, too.
3. Do pattern matching for basic geometric figures (circle, triangle, 
square, pentagon, ...) on each frame for color and brightness space.
4. If an area does not match a basic geometric figure assume it is 
overlapped by a neighbour figure and use a z-index to manage a virtual 
third dimension.
5. If overlapping in a third dimension is not sufficient divide the area 
in multiple basic figures.
6. For each geometric object store an UUID, figure ID, type and value of 
color or brightness, coordinates, scaling and frame number in a table.
7. Reduce number of geometric objects by comparing values over ALL 
frames and using the UUID of the first object for all similar objects.
8. Do some kind of Discrete Fourier transform for all values of each 
geometric object on a millisecond time base preferably of the complete 
video or a as big as possible sequence of frames when live streaming.
9. The result is one table with unique geometric figures with discrete 
transformation functions for value (color or brightness), position and 

Benefits: No hardcoded resolution or frame rate. Just discrete 
transformation functions.

Just initialize the unique geometric objects with OpenGL/WebGL and 
convert the discrete transformation functions into OpenGL/WebGL commands 
changing the color, brightness, position and scaling of the geometric 
objects over time.

Best regards,

Rene Bartsch, B. Sc. Informatics

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