[daala] DAALA codec efficiency

Maxim maxlovic at gmail.com
Fri Oct 11 00:35:56 PDT 2013

Hi all.

Being interested with DAALA video codec, I've ran some tests on 
compression efficiency of key frames compared to VP9, HEVC (HM) and AVC 

And it seems not to outperform even AVC. The main comparisson issue is 
that it doesn't have constant quantizer mode, only constant quality. 
This is somehow similar to VP9.
However on 640x384 at 24 video sequence key frame only coding *DAALA 
*achieves ~37.6 dB at *8500 *kbps.
At the same PSNR quality (37.8 dB) *HM *takes*5741.54* kbps,
*AVC* takes *6644.11* kbps
and *VP9* takes *5762.14* kbps.

CLI options are:
--video-quality 8 --keyframe-rate 1 --output daala_enc.ogg 

Also is seems that DAALA encoder doesn't have RDO so the comparisson may 
not be valid. Anyway how do we know codec efficiency if it can't do 
compression with RDO.

Is there some roadmap on DAALA and maybe other test results or test 


Maxim Sharabayko
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