[daala] New generation entropy coder

Yann Collet yann.collet.73 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 29 10:30:05 PST 2013


I've been invited to join the discussion on Daala working group
on a very dedicated matter which contributes to the codec compression
effectiveness : the entropy coder.

Tim's presentation (
starting slide 51) makes a detailed presentation on available techniques
for this coder, mainly Huffman and Arithmetic coders.

One recent new technique that could be of interest to Daala is the Finite
State Entropy Coder :

To summarize its property, it gets the speed of Huffman, and the accuracy
of Arithmetic coders. For coders with very high prediction capability, it
makes a big difference in accessible compression ratio (closer to Shannon
Possibly of importance, it does its job while using only basic operations,
add, shifts and masks.

The open source version on github (BSD license) can be downloaded and
includes a benchmark program to test its effectiveness on any sample

Best regards
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