[Xiph-Advocacy] Xiph.Org announces support for the WebM open media project

Brett McDowell myidiym at gmail.com
Fri May 21 07:17:44 PDT 2010

Maybe I'm missing something, but isn't this the biggest news for the adoption of xiph.org technology since... ever?!  How aligned/integrated/converged are the xiph and WebM codecs now and/or are on a path to become?  It seems like xiph just became the codec source Google is backing as the primary multimedia technology for the Web.  Am I overstating things?

-- Brett

I haven't posted to the list in several years but I was that IEEE standards guy who tried to help Xiph evolve/branch-out into a formal standards-setting association with corporate memberships as a revenue source c. 2003.

On May 20, 2010, at 2:10 AM, Monty Montgomery wrote:

>   The Xiph.Org Foundation is pleased to announce its support of the
> WebM open media project as a project launch partner. As announced
> earlier today at the Google I/O Developer Conference, the WebM format
> combines the VP8 video codec, the Matroska container, and the Vorbis
> audio codec developed by the Xiph into a high-quality, open,
> unencumbered format for video delivery on the Web. Xiph will continue
> to contribute to WebM as a whole and collaborate in its further
> development and deployment.
>   Success within the Open Source community is vital to the larger
> success of WebM.  Community adoption of a newly opened source base,
> such as VP8, is traditionally fraught with peril.  Xiph was the
> primary organization to develop and promote the earlier VP3 codec when
> open sourced by On2, and we know that substantial work lies ahead of
> us to make WebM a success. Toward that goal, we look forward to
> working with the established community projects also contributing to
> WebM including Matroska, ffmpeg, GStreamer, and Mozilla, as well as
> open-source oriented business leaders such as Google, Opera, Red Hat
> and others.
>   Kudos to all for the progress we've made, now we've got to get
> back to work.
> Monty
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