[advocacy] DRM in OGG - A Proposal

Vance Roussin vance.the.stampede at telusplanet.net
Thu Oct 31 00:33:45 PST 2002

At 21:51 30/10/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>You can read the proposal with a simple FAQ at: http://oggs.sourceforge.net/

In your FAQ:

"Content providers that do not recognize well-established consumer rights
are doomed to fail no matter what DRM scheme is used."

Should read: Content providers do not recognize that all DRM schemes are
doomed to fail because they infringe on well-established consumer rights.

You can not implement DRM without infringing on consumer rights. I have yet
to see any solutions that allow me to play my rightfully purchased DRM
music at my friend's house when I visit. The bands whos CDs I recently
purchased did not receive my home phone number and name and doesn't not
know how often if at all I listen to their music, they also do not know
which other bands I listen to. The various supply chains I utilised in
order to purchase them also do not have the whole picture as which music I
prefer, how often I purchase music and how often I listen to it. I would
like to keep things this way.

Because vorbis and ogg are open I believe any scheme no matter how much it
recognizes consumer rights will fail simply because people will see the
letters DRM and "opt-out" downloading the freely availiable (and there will
be) player that bypasses the DRM or simply downloading a non-DRMed version
off a P2P network.

Anyway, its free world, best of luck to you. ;)


P.S. My views are not endorsed by Xiph or any of the development staff in
any way. I'm merely trying to give you a little fore/in-sight.

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