[advocacy] Approaching artists to support Ogg Vorbis

Daniel James daniel at mondodesigno.com
Tue Sep 25 09:01:12 PDT 2001

Hello all,

I was thinking about how to approach well-known artists to see if 
they would consider releasing an .ogg, preferably in conjunction with 
the 1.0 release, for maximum publicity.

Firstly, we'd need to explain the 'what's in it for me' element. I 
figure we should stress:

1. making a statement that you support artist freedom.
2. publicity amongst the internet music community.
3. making you look rather cool, technically
4. telling your CD buyers that you are on their side and don't want 
them criminalised by the recording industry just for downloading free 

Also, we'd need to give them an idea of timescale, or a deadline, to 
make sure the file got delivered on time for the 1.0 launch. Can the 
developers give us a rough idea?  



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