[advocacy] dadio and ogg question-

Victor Marks victor at ripal.co.il
Wed Oct 17 10:21:19 PDT 2001

I'm new to the list, and have been searching the archive for information on
Dadio OS and the HipZip player in particular-
This is a simple question, really:
iObjects' site on DadioOS mentions that they support DRM, and will continue
to support it in future versions. How will this affect my use of a DadioOS
device (like HipZip) ?

On the surface, the answer is simple: It shouldn't, because OGG files won't
have DRM in them.

Under the surface, another answer occurs to me: what if the OS is set so
that no files can be transferred off the device, as is the case with the
Nokia cellphone/mp3 player, that only allows sharing of AAC, or players that
only allow monoaural low bitrate mp3s off the device?

With HipZip, the answer isn't so scary, because there's removable media that
I ought to be able to read and write to outside of the player. But what
about the other Dadio equipped devices?

After answers to this question, I'm going to go back to lurking for awhile-
the discussion on copyright is fascinating!

Victor Marks

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