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Daniel James daniel
Mon Dec 10 02:14:28 PST 2001

> > We aren't in talks with the RIAA and we aren't
> > sending people to
> > electronics retailers.  It's just a few people
> > trying to make money the
> > MP3.com way.

In this case the site is half-done and can't be taken very seriously
by anyone who has already visited vorbis.com. By contrast, mp3.com
have clearly invested a great deal of time and money.

The problem is people who haven't visited the official site and guess
at what the URL is. We notice this a lot with LinuxUser magazine,
although it tends to work in our favour, since we bought domain names
for nearly all possible guesses at our true URL.

> I am not against companies making
> money using Ogg but it must be suitable for them to be
> clear in this respect to avoid being suspicious.

Perhaps all non-official sites should be asked to add the following
text to their homepages:

OggSQUISH, Ogg Vorbis, Xiphophorus, the Xiphophorus Fish Logo, the
Thor-and-the-Snake logo and the Laser-Playback-Head-of-Omniscience
logo are trademarks of the Xiph.org Foundation. The official site of
Ogg Vorbis is at http://www.vorbis.com

If they refuse, or just don't bother, they can be considered hostile.


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