[advocacy] www.ogg-vorbis.com

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Fri Dec 7 10:17:04 PST 2001

We own vorbis.com, vorbis.org, ogg.org, xiph.org, icecast.org.  The
others aren't us.  Includes, icecast.com, ogg.com, oggvorbis.com
ogg-vorbis.com, etc.

Shortly after beta1, which got quite a bit of press, lots of domains
were flying out of the registrars.  Lots.  You could type in random
things and find them even.  I made a list back then of 30 or so I found
in a few days that I posted to the vorbis at xiph.org list.

We aren't in talks with the RIAA and we aren't sending people to
electronics retailers.  It's just a few people trying to make money the
MP3.com way.


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