[Vorbis] Charset conversion problem on OS X (Fwd: Ogg and FLAC meta-data on OS X)

Michel Salim michel.salim at gmail.com
Fri Jul 15 22:36:01 PDT 2005


There is currently an open bug report for vorbis-tools, but also
affecting the Flac tools supplied by Xiph on the OS X platform (which
I suspect uses the same code): accented characters are corrupted
during read/write, to the effect that manipulation of track metadata
that includes accented characters result in the corruption of the
involved fields.

I contacted the Xiph developer assigned to the bug report but he's on
vacation and does not have access to a Mac, so if any other developer
with Mac experience could take a look at this, it would be really
nice. (Also, if anyone has the same experience, please comment either
here or at the bug report page).


Bug description attached as part of the forwarded message.


- Michel

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michel Salim <michel.salim at gmail.com>
Date: 11 juil. 2005 13:19
Subject: Ogg and FLAC meta-data on OS X
To: msmith at xiph.org


I submitted a bug ticket on the Xiph bug tracker a while back about
broken accented characters on OS X, and have yet to hear a response.


As this bug seems to affect both Ogg and FLAC files, please advise as
to which mailing list I should ask about this in, and whether you need
more information.

Thanks in advance,

Michel Salim 林智勇

Michel Salim 林智勇

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