[xiph-rtp] Chaining

Tor-Einar Jarnbjo Tor-Einar at Jarnbjo.de
Thu Sep 1 15:47:04 PDT 2005

Luca Barbato wrote:

> Your "client" is a simple receiver that should be perfectly happy with
> the current baseline discussed, isn't it?
Probably not.

> If I'm wrong please tell me your constraints.
I already mentioned several in my responses to your and David Barrett's 
mails on Monday and Tuesday, but I can of course summarize:

- The server does not know how fast it can stream the codebook. Limiting 
the transmission speed to the audio stream bandwidth may cause an 
inacceptable delay when starting playback and will in most cases cause a 
longer delay than necessary compared to e.g. HTTP based retrieval.

- The server does not know when to start audio streaming if it doesn't 
get any feedback from the client that the codebook has been completely 

- Repeating the codebook transmission at specific intervals to assure it 
is received by the client may waste unavailable bandwidth and may 
prevent the client from playing from the beginning of the audio stream 
if it is not able to cache the audio streamed before the complete 
codebook header is received.

- The "baseline" is not practiable for multicast transmissions.

- I doubt that IETF will approve an RFC for content over RTP depending 
on reliable transport and with no multicast support.


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