[Vorbis] Ogg Vorbis plug-in for Adobe Premiere

Brendan Bolles brendan at fnordware.com
Mon Jul 1 07:32:28 PDT 2013

Hey everyone, I've written an Ogg Vorbis plug-in for Adobe Premiere.  You can see it here on GitHub:


I just finished the first beta a few hours ago.  You can download binary plug-ins from here:


If you don't have Premiere, you can always download the 30-trial.  If you don't have Mac or Windows, then Adobe just doesn't love you.*  ;)

I am new to the world of Ogg Vorbis, and actually new to the world of audio programming in general.  Previous to this I always dealt with pixels, not samples.  But then I wrote a WebM plug-in recently which made me learn Vorbis, which lead me to FLAC, which led me here.  Now I'm going to take a look at Theora.

Since I'm a newbie, I'd appreciate it if you experts would take a look at what I wrote and spot any bugs or provide other feedback.  For Vorbis, the only controls I provide are to let the user select the bitrate/quality of their output.  Are there more options to expose?

Finally, a plea for help.  Writing this plug-in was incredibly easy because of how simple the libogg and libvorbis libraries are.  Really, everything just worked (or appears to....I'm a newb, remember).  So I figured I'd just throw FLAC support into the plug-in for good measure, but it turned out to be much harder.  No offense, FLAC people!  I got the Mac version working, but I tried for an hour or two to resolve my x64 linking problems on Windows to no avail.  So I gave up and #ifdef'd out the FLAC support for Windows.  In the spirit of open source, would any of you like to give me a hand so the Windows users (I hear there are a few of them) can have FLAC too?


* Apologies for posting a virtually identical message to the FLAC list, but I have my reasons...

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