[Vorbis] Fwd: What's the value range of float samples?

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Fri Jan 11 17:16:18 PST 2013

Oops, meant to reply on-list.

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Date: Fri, Jan 11, 2013 at 8:15 PM
Subject: Re: [Vorbis] What's the value range of float samples?
To: Gregory Maxwell <gmaxwell at gmail.com>

> ±1 on the rails signals can actually clip in the DAC as well— usually
> if the actual samples are at 0dBFS then there are intersample peaks
> above it, there is basically no getting it right if the signal is
> already at the rails.

I'd have thought the output buffer is more likely the problem.  But
whichever it is, I own one such DAC.


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