[Vorbis] oggenc adds severe distortion

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Thu Aug 14 03:30:21 PDT 2008

Thanks Monty and Ulrich for the reply, I figured out what the problem
was.  It wasn't the files themselves, it was the Winamp player!

I tried changing the vorbis encoding quality factor to 6.6, no difference.
I tried quality factor of 10, still no difference.  I didn't set any
replay gain.  These files are ripped into WAV (and flac) directly and
converted into vorbis using oggenc.

Then I changed to using foobar2000 for playback, and there is no more
distortion and no more glitches between tracks.

FWIW, xmms on Linux also exhibits track-gap glitches with this album,
but I don't hear the distortion at the last track.

I've used xmms and Winamp regularly and this is the first time I
noticed these problems.  Curiously, they work fine with the WAV
and flac versions of this album.  Something about the way they handle
vorbis files?  I dunno...


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