[Vorbis] [Nico Sabbi] Re: [MPlayer-users] converting .rm video stream to .ogg

Nico Sabbi nsabbi at email.it
Fri Mar 23 03:57:56 PDT 2007

In my previous reply I missed some of your points

xiphmont at xiph.org wrote:

> When you install a codec, you also need to install a 'granpos' shim
> into the muxer to interpret that timestamp type.  The magic for a
> stream type is associated with the granpos shim type.  We're talking a
> half page of code.  It does not require the whole codec, just the
> shim.  Or you could just build all the known shims into your muxer
> (and release a new muxer when new streamtypes pop up; some projects,
> eg liboggz, do this).  New ones don't pop up all that often.

do you really consider a sane approach having to update your code
when a new format comes out? I absolutely disagree.
In my opinion a sane format doesn't need any update when a new
content type comes out

> If you don't have that mux shim, you don't have the codec either, so
> you'd not be able to do anything with that specific stream anyway.
> You can perfectly well handle an Ogg stream with a stream type that's
> unknown.  You just won't be able to do forward mux operations on that
> specific internal stream without that shim.  You will still be able to
> stream, demux, etc.

and how do you keep correct sync if timestamps are not perfect?

> But... Since this approach doesn't fit into their design, and their
> way is bordering on religious revelation at this point ("God said so!
> Don't question it!"), 

I don't know anyone with that name.
None of us accept dogmas; when some of us posts or commits bad code he's 
immediately flamed,
whichever his name. Evidently you don't follow mplayer-dev-eng to see it 
with your eyes

> they use Ogg as an excuse to do all the swearing
> they'd be doing anyway.

we swear against any stupidity we find in content we have to deal with, not
particularly against ogg
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