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Ken Restivo ken at restivo.org
Wed Feb 7 01:21:04 PST 2007

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OK, what is the *absolute cheapest* audio player I can get which supports Vorbis?

Bonus if it has a mic or line in jack, and can record (in whatever, mp3 or uLaw is fine).

The listing I saw of Ogg-capable audio players didn't show prices.

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On Mon, Jan 22, 2007 at 07:52:33AM -0500, David Black wrote:
> I bought a ZVue 200 a couple months ago, and do recommend it.  Storage
> is removable SD or MMC cards (max size 4 GB), and MPEG-4 video playback
> is decent:
>     http://www.zvue.com/players/players.php?thispage=players_200_demo.php
> Wal-Mart now has the ZVue 250 for $94.86 - same as I paid for
> my 200.  The 250 swaps the 4xAA compartment with a Li-ion
> battery and internal charge controller, and has a black instead of
> metallic blue plastic case:
>     http://www.walmart.com/catalog/product.do?product_id=5438627
> Both models include a 128 MB MMC card pre-loaded with some sample music
> and video files.  I bought a separate 4 GB SD card for $73 shipped.
> Vorbis files from q-2 (aotuv patched) to +10 sound great - I have yet to
> encounter a Vorbis file that didn't play flawlessly.  One minus:  it
> reads and displays MP3 tags, but only displays basic info for Vorbis
> files (ignores tags), at least with current firmware.  I emailed ZVue
> asking about this as well as FLAC support, but to date have received no
> response.  For me personally this is a minor shortcoming, as for the
> price it does a lot and sounds great.
> Dave
> Gregory Maxwell wrote:
> > I'm looking for personal recommendations for low cost flash based
> > players which support Vorbis (speex and flac support would be nice,
> > but aren't mandatory). Solid support (no weird limits for low and high
> > bitrates) is required.
> >
> > The wiki's list of players is somewhat out of date. Of course, I'll
> > update it with any good suggestions made here...
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