[Vorbis] Vorbis.com translation to French

Vincent TABARD vincent at balbinus.net
Tue May 9 13:28:18 PDT 2006


(First of all, sorry if I'm not posting to the right list)

I have begun translating the vorbis.com website (very useful resource
for beginners) to French. I've made up a tarball[1] with the current

To go on translating, apart from tons of bravery for the looooong lists
of software, I'd need the "sources" of the images used on the website
(such as "Download Music", "Visit music sites that use Ogg Vorbis", or
"Donate Today!"), in order to translate them too. I know that Apache can
cope with images content negotiation, but I wonder if browsers send
correct Accept-Language headers for images... it works with Mozilla
Firefox, at least.

Vincent Tabard

[1]: http://www.radiopytagor.com/vorbis/vorbis.com.fr.tar.gz

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