[Vorbis] Problem with VorbisEncoder

pavan kumar pavanchikkala at yahoo.co.in
Tue Jan 10 06:46:39 PST 2006

Hi All,
  It would be really helpful for me if you comment on the following.
  My VorbisEncoder uses libvorbis to encode into the vorbis data. I have followed the call sequence given in libvorbis\examples\encoder_example.c.
  I am taking a 16bit pcm Stereo wav file and generating an oggvorbis file using libvorbis and libogg. There is lots of noise in the file except music is heard very feable in the background. To compare, I have created an ogg file with the same configuration(same quality) using GoldWav. I have observed that even the headerpages differ from the file i have generated.
  I am using TInt ret=vorbis_encode_init_vbr(&iInfo,2,44100,.4); for the setup
  Why are the headers of my file and the file generated by the GoldWav differ when both files are to be recorded with same quality level?
  Also Please let me know the cause of this behaviour? or 
  give me an example which you are sure that it is working without any modification.
  Thanks in Advance.

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