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>From my understanding, vorbis peeling would work somewhat like Mp3PRO.  What they created was a file with a 64kbps size, but a near-128kbps quality.  If you decoded the mp3 using a standard mp3 decoder, you got the 64kbps quality, but if you used an mp3-pro decoder, it would display as 128kbps and mp3pro, and there would be added quality to it.  It seems the format worked by having 2 streams layered within the file, and one stream was just 64kbps, and the second stream could be utilized by a special decoder that would then add the second stream to the first, increasing the sound quality.

Would it be possible to have the encoder do the following:  it would create a quality 1 stream.  Then it would create a quality 2 stream.  check the differences between the streams.  Subtract stream-quality-1 from stream-quality-2, and find out what is left.  This new stream would consist of ''what you would add to stream-quality-1-to-make-it-sound-near-quality-2''.  Do the same with quality 3, 4, 5, up to the highest quality you want.  


Then the decoder would play the layers together, 1+2+3 for a near-quality 3 file.

I have no programming knowledge at all, except for (X)HTML and CSS.  Just some brainstorming.

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