[Vorbis] vorbis comment registry

Mark Doll doll at tm.uka.de
Tue Jul 12 02:30:12 PDT 2005

Mark Doll wrote:
> Michael Smith wrote:
>> On 7/11/05, Mark Doll <doll at tm.uka.de> wrote:
>>> Hi all!
>>> I've read http://reactor-core.org/ogg-tagging.html and
>>> http://www.vorbis.com/ot/20030303.html#id2726753 about the goals and
>>> non-goals of vorbis comments, but I'm still unsure:
>> You should note that the reactor-core document is from a single guy
>> unaffiliated with xiph, and we mostly disagree with him.

I suppose I'm not the first one who has misinterpreted this as somehow a 
common denominator, since nothing official besides the very basic 
"standard" vorbis comment field names exists on xiph's web site. the 
following idea came to my mind.

The IANA operates a registry of port numbers 
(http://www.iana.org/cgi-bin/usr-port-number.pl). This is merly a 
service for the comminity. They don't make any statement weather the 
protocol that uses the registered port(*) is good or bad. It's just to 
have a central reference where the port usage is documented and one can 
find further information, especially a contact email address.

What about if xiph.org would maintain such a registry for vorbis comment 
field names? Just as a service for the community without any statement 
about good or bad?

These registered filed name would be completely independent from the 
well known, widely used names documented in 
http://xiph.org/ogg/vorbis/doc/v-comment.html. Those well known field 
names would somehow be comparable to the port numbers below 1024, which 
are assigned through standards action only.

Just an idea.


(*) Those registered Ports (1024-49151) should not be confused with the 
well-defined (through standards action) port 1-1023, nor with the 
ephemeral ports (49152-65535, ports assigned by the TCP/IP stack if an 
application does not explicitly specify the port, (sets the sin_port to 
zero in the sockaddr_in structure); although most operation systems 
(mis)use ports from the registered port range, that's how it's 
standardized by the IETF.

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