[Vorbis] Indices and totals

Mark Doll doll at tm.uka.de
Sun Jul 10 16:35:54 PDT 2005

Hi all!

I've read http://reactor-core.org/ogg-tagging.html and 
http://www.vorbis.com/ot/20030303.html#id2726753 about the goals and 
non-goals of vorbis comments, but I'm still unsure:

1) Is it by purpose to forget about CDA's index feature because it's so 
rarely used or did nobody here ever thought about it?
-> Add an INDEXNUMER field?

2) If "Vorbis comments are the equivalent of a quick note scribbled on 
the bottom of a CDR", it would be nice to know the total number of items 
in a series to be shure to have all parts together (at least I note the 
total number of disks on the bottom of a CDR). So what about the 
conceptually same:
disambiguation, since indeces count from zero in the red book standard)

3) Or would you consider it wiser reusing (abusing) existing standard 
vorbis fields and note the total number of disks/tracks/indeces inside 
the very same field like TRACKNUMBER=3/15 or would this break more 
things since apps expect a number in there? Or even stuff the indices in 
there too, like TRACKNUMBER=3/15.2/5? Or maybe also the disk number 

I personally dislike 3) and have currently coded it with seperate new 
fields. But since I'm free to change the application in any way I want, 
some guidance on this topic would be really appreciated!

Thanks in advance,


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