[vorbis] Ogg too good?

Jonathan Walther krooger at debian.org
Sat Mar 9 02:01:59 PST 2002

On Thu, Mar 07, 2002 at 06:16:35PM -0800, Nathan I. Sharfi wrote:
>> I have a different solution, which stands me in good stead.  For each
>> "CD", all the flac files go in a directory.  Then there is a "tags"
>> file in that directory.  Here is an example of a "tags" file:
>> a ALBUM="Bob Marley"
>> a LABEL="Sony Music Canada"
>> a PERFORMER="Bob Marley"
>> a GENRE="reggae"
>> t 01 TITLE="Concrete Jungle"
>> t 02 TITLE="Slave Driver"
>> t 03 TITLE="400 Years"
>> t 04 TITLE="Stop That Train"
>> t 05 TITLE="Baby We've Got A Date"
>> t 06 TITLE="Stir It Up"
>> t 07 TITLE="Kinky Reggae"
>> t 08 TITLE="No More Trouble"
>Tease. How did you define a() and t() in bash?

It's not even bash; just good old bourne shell.

It assumes your ogg files all have names of the form Track_NN.ogg
where NN stands for the track number.

$ cat ~/bin/tag

usage () {
  cat <<EOF
Usage: tag <directory>

Specify the directory where the oggs to be tagged
are located.  The "tags" file must be present and
all oggs should be from the same disc.
  exit 1;

if [ "$1" = "" -o ! -d $1 -o ! -f $1/tags ] ; then

cd $1
rm -f *.tags;

a () { echo "$@" >> disc.tags; }
t () { T=$1; shift; echo "$@" >> track$T.tags; }

. tags;

for i in track*.tags; do
  i=$(echo $i|sed 's/^track//g'|sed 's/.tags$//g')
  if [ -f Track_$i.ogg ] ; then 
    vorbiscomment -w Track_$i.ogg -c disc.tags
    vorbiscomment -a Track_$i.ogg -c track$i.tags
    vorbiscomment -a Track_$i.ogg -t "TRACKNUMBER=$i"

## end of file

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