[vorbis] Transcoding between Vorbis and Vorbis

Piet Delport pjd at 303.za.net
Sun Dec 29 01:20:13 PST 2002

On Sun, 29 Dec 2002 at 09:02:55 -0000, Martin Blackwell wrote:
> Carsten Haese wrote:
>> There is no way (except for peeling, which is not an option at the
>> moment) to go directly from ogg to ogg. Your only option is to go via
>> wav.
> What about OggDrop, Winamp, and i imagine most other vorbis encoders ?
> you seem to have forgoten that- transcoding from ogg to ogg is still
> going directly from ogg to ogg.

The fact that you don't see the wav step doesn't mean that it isn't
there.  :-)

Those programs don't transcode, they de- and re-encode.  The result is
exactly the same as what you'll get by decoding a .ogg file to a
separate .wav file, and encoding it again.

Piet Delport
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