[vorbis] Is this just anti-Ogg FUD?

Craig Dickson crdic at pacbell.net
Thu Dec 26 14:05:13 PST 2002

Jem wrote:

> [Ogg is not free from patents.] The entire concept of a phsychoacustical 
> model or a perceptual model for endcoding the material (not just the 
> encoding step itself) is covered under at least 50 different patents by 
> companies world wide,

IANAL, but as I understand it, a patent cannot cover "the entire
concept" of something as general as "audio compression using perceptual
encoding". Instead, you patent a specific method of doing something,
describing in detail exactly how your process works. Something that
accomplishes the same result by a different means isn't covered by the

> and rightfully so ...

This, of course, is a political judgment, not a legal statement, and is

> [Ogg is too little, too late.] There are audio and video encoding systems 
> coming out in the next year that will futher push the envelope without 
> comprimise and many of those are based completely on wavelets which is 
> really where Ogg should have gone in the first place ...

IANAAEE (... not an Audio Encoding Expert), but IIRC, Monty was well
aware of wavelets when he created Vorbis, and intentionally chose not to
use them.


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