[vorbis] Cross compiling of software depending on libvorbis

Håkon Skjelten skjelten at pvv.ntnu.no
Sun Dec 22 07:51:53 PST 2002


I'm trying to compile my game project (that depends on libvorbis) for
the win32 platform. I use mingw (both native in linux and inside cygwin)
to achieve this.

But I can't get libvorbis to work because of a dependency problem with
libogg. libogg seems to have a file (os_types.h) that depends on an
include-file called _G_config.h. This file is supposed to contain some
system-specific information like int-size etc., but this file has also
been removed from all new versions of mingw/cygwin (after gcc 3.0?).
In libvorbis this has been fixed by moving all the system-specific
information to the configure script:

Is there any plan to remove libogg's dependency on _G_config.h?
Have I misunderstood something and is there any easy 'hack' around this I
could use?

Håkon Skjelten
Student, Engineering Cybernetics
Norwegian University of Science and Technology
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