[vorbis] Ripping CD´s to Ogg Vorbis under Linu

Ti Kan ti at amb.org
Sun Dec 15 10:38:38 PST 2002

Andreas Karlsson writes:
> I recently migrated from Windows to Linux. I´ve used Linux quite a bit 
> in server-enviroments, but as a desktop I have very little experience.
> I am now looking for a tool to rip CD´s to Ogg with CDDA support. I´ve 
> tried KonCD, but it lacks features and is abit buggy.
> Sure, I can use cdparanoia, rename the wav´s to the right names and then 
> encode to ogg via oggenc. But since I use X I thought there might be a 
> application for this?
> I´ve checked the cdparanoia homepage at xiph.org but all links was 
> directed to software that uses mp3, not ogg. Anyone out there who can 
> give me a hint?

Hi Andreas,

Try xmcd!  I just sent out an announcement a couple of days ago.
Details and downloads are at:




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