[vorbis] Another new famous game using VORBIS!!!

Alejandro G. Belluscio baldusi at uol.com.ar
Thu Dec 12 17:43:01 PST 2002

Hello metrom,

Thursday, December 12, 2002, 7:49:24 AM, you wrote:

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<p>>> what other games use vorbis?

metrom> Just adding some more games to the list, I don't think anyone have mentioned
metrom> them before.

metrom> - Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
metrom> - Sim City 3000
metrom> - Baldur's Gate
metrom> - Descent3
metrom> - Star Trek: Away Team
metrom> - Schimz
metrom> - Rock Manager

Well the original developers of Star Control 2 have the rights for
everything on that game except the name. So they renamed to Ur-Quan
Masters and realeased it under GPL. Currently they are porting is to
SDL (Windows+Linux+...) and it uses OGG!

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