[vorbis] stupid cd player mod question

Martin Blackwell djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk
Thu Dec 5 15:15:23 PST 2002

David Demers said:
"Most likely there WILL be a manufacture somewhere in the next few years to produce a vorbis player"
I say:
i'm too impatient (altho i will be hoping to buy the neuros player next year as a portable vorbis player), i want want now :))
David Demers said:
you might be able to get the company (or someone whith access to their propriatary code) to compile a firmware update to include the capability
I said:
2) not bothered how legal it is

<p>Stephen Commisky said:
Gut it.
I say:
I'm not capable enough to perform the task
Stephen Commisky said:
Enjoy.  Oh, and expect the sound to be really bad unless you create a
Faraday cage within the box for a nice, quiet DAC.
I say: would a simple PC box with a DOS player not do the job? eg mess around with the boot options to automatically launch & play the DOS player so u dont have to have a monitor, keyboard, or mouse connected, just speakers to the soundcard (you can get these ridiculously tiny PCs now)

Keneth Arnold said:
ansolutely nothing - looks like a case of the auto reciept feature

SwiftBiscuit said:
hack a DVD players' firmware:
I say: i had thought of that, but a) my dvd player wont read CD-Rs (so i'd have to buy a new one) b) i'm not capable enough.
good answer tho (nice questionable legality angle>:) )

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