[vorbis] An intresting article

Martin Blackwell djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk
Tue Dec 24 08:29:35 PST 2002

> Andy D. Smith wrote:
> > real music, nothing recorded and it was amazing  how much better
> > it sounded compared to mp3s, vorbis, and even cds, played
> > out of speakers or headphones =)
> >
> You just don't have the right HiFi system....  :-)
It probably costs more to buy the most up-to-date most accoustically perfect
sound system than it does to buy tickets to see concerts.
Although the audigy 2 looks very nice, i'm quite happy with my current
audigy EX card, but with a fast enough processor (1.2GHz), and a really good
(13 year old!!) Hi-Fi system (as well as the computer being plugged into a
total of 15 speakers of various ages) and a decent variety of DSP plugins
for winamp (which i no longer use cos vorbis keeps enough of the original
quality), the overall sound is quite nice.

Then stick in the EAX environments the audigy EX can create as well as the
Dolby environments my TV can create, it sounds better.

imply put: real music is for people who want "culture". recorded music is
for people who want "music".

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