[vorbis] flac with ogg metadata to ogg vorbis transcode, new release of vorbis-tools?

Randolph Carter mr.blue at netcabo.pt
Tue Dec 17 15:55:08 PST 2002

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hi Is there any tool out there wich allows you to use a flac file with
ogg metadata as an the file of origin and converts its to an ogg.vorbis
file without losing any of the metadata tag, I know there is a perl
script wich does something similar but it keeps the metadata in separate
files, basicly what I am asking is if there is any application that
would allow me to rip my cds to a lossless format with all the necessary
info for tagging in the files themselves so i wouldn't have to go to the
~ trouble of re.ripping tagginf and (archiving im a directory structure
of my choice) my entire cd colection everytime an improved version of
vorbis-tools (specially oggenc) comes out so i could skip right to the
number crunshing (enconding) part, since this as been a topic of
discussion before I would like to ask is flac going to be included in
the ogg codec list ou is a new ogg squish version coming soon anyway
will the ability to transcode these files with oggenc without metadata
loss be available? also on a side note after ogg 1.0 was finally out
I've seen references on the vorbis mailing lists to some significant
quality improvements (including some sort new lossless compression
algorithm wich needed a multiple pass encoding process, wich although
being usesless for live streaming it would be very goood for users who
wich to use it for archival purposes and want maximum bag for the byte
:) )also if i remember correctly 1.0 still lacked some features like
peeling (well acording to the latest ogg traffic issues that seems to be
done soon and in the quality department wavelets wich aparently these
features were only going to come out in version 1.1 wich leads me to a
second set of question is a new stable-version of vorbis-tools coming
out anytime soon, what about ogg 1.1 any time.plan for these releases
also is an update version of ogg.squish (the lossless format) scheduled?

        p.s.: i believe this is a redundant question but im not sure (otherwise
I wouldn't ask) is there already an defined metadata field to contain
the encoding and source parameters (ex ripper cdparanoia switches +
oggenc switch and -q number)

well thanks in advance for your pacience in reading this post and for
any input you can offer, and for the development team thanks for making
vorbis already this good and still working on making it better :) kudos

oh btw that whole cd-player mod question as anyone considered moding one
of those 100euro 8-cd digital audio players like the freecom beatman and
its teac clone and the mpzip or the ones from imation and the really
cheap one from compaq ? (maybe starting at a bottom of the ladder of mp3
players and working with smaller companies or company departments might
make it easer, if not does anyone know where to get the components to do
a diy device of that kind with vorbis support (or better create a spec
for an oficial xiph.org digital audio players series and making the spec
open.source or easely licensed so small companies could build them and a
really off the shelf components based model wich could be licensed for
free to small so it could be built by your friendly electronics neighbor
or local computer store? or sold in kits?

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