[vorbis] stupid cd player mod question

ndrw mchl grnbrg agreenbu at nyx.net
Tue Dec 10 09:36:04 PST 2002

Martin Blackwell <djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
: It has to look & feel (& smell) like a stereo.
: I plan only to use it for myself, but if it works, wouldnt it be nice to
: sell it as a fully functional stereo unit (after inserting a cheap TV
: capture card to add the ability to recieve radio).

Well, you would definitely want to make sure that your design was 100%
legal, then.

: Only problem is, as it is essentially a PC, it wouldn't play anything from
: BMG (as the cough coughstupudcough cough ppl decided to stick copy
: protection on their entire catalogue of cds), or any other CD that is copy
: protected.

Most CD-Rom drives have a dumb CD player mode and a digital output, so in
theory you could use that for audio CDs instead of a CDDA extraction. This
is probably a good idea anyway unless you want clicking in between tracks
that are supposed to be seamless. Keep in mind that some cheaper CD-ROM
drives have unacceptable jitter when playing in audio mode, though (drive
actually skips on clean, brand-new CDs).

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