[vorbis] Another new famous game using VORBIS!!!

Jon Shiring slothy at slothy.com
Sun Dec 8 14:56:18 PST 2002

Well every now and then we have to ship a product that runs in windows
and doesn't have perl, bash, and tar installed :)  But yeah, that would
really be all that is needed.  And I might end up writing a utility for
doing just that, just not for awhile.


On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 14:52, Alejandro G. Belluscio wrote:
> Hello Jon,
> Sunday, December 08, 2002, 7:25:20 PM, you wrote:
> JS> Well I know it's possible, I just mean something more like using ogg as
> JS> a tar.gz for wav audio.  So I say like "oggtar cf archive.ogg sfx/*.wav"
> JS> and on the other size I can just "oggtar xf archive.ogg" and it'll do
> JS> all the work.  
> JS> Storing the offsets and filenames (or in the case of separate chained
> JS> vorbis streams in an ogg, storing what filename goes with which serial
> JS> #) is the yucky bit that would be handy to have a tool for.
> what about tar :-)?
> like "oggenc sfx/*.wav; tar cf soundfx.ogg.tar sfx/*.ogg"
> Or you could add a simple VorbisComment entrie FILENAME. And on
> decompression you simply use that tag. It's not really that tricky.
> Regards,
> Aleajandro Belluscio

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