[vorbis] Another new famous game using VORBIS!!!

Jon Shiring slothy at slothy.com
Sun Dec 8 11:15:13 PST 2002

You're correct there - if you are in the middle of a game you can have
32 sounds playing simultaneously, and you don't want to be decompressing
them on top of the other sound cpu work to play them in 3d.  Also
remember that vorbis is not very useful for small samples, so if you
wanted sound effect compression you would have to chunk sounds together
and track file offsets.  However, then when you need to play two at once
from the same file you're in trouble.  That's why games use wav for
sounds and vorbis for music, or in Papyrus's case, the speech of the

It would actually be very useful for someone to create some nice package
to take a lot of wavs, encode them into a single vorbis file with
offsets, and then save the metadata so you could do the reverse.  If you
could ship a downloadable demo of your game with 20 megs of wav files
and compress it down to 2 megs that people have to download and
decompress them back up to 20 megs on install, that would be a major
win.  Likewise for trying to fit your game on CDs where space is an


On Sun, 2002-12-08 at 11:05, ndrw mchl grnbrg wrote:
> Martin Blackwell <djdij at handbags.freeserve.co.uk> wrote:
> : Jon Shiring said:
> : Shogun: Total War used vorbis, but only to ship the music - it
> : decompressed on install.
> : 
> : I say- huh?- eg why on earth would someone be stupid enough to do that (and
> : what format was it decompressed to)
> To save CPU cycles for intensive game functions.

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