[vorbis] Tag Proposal -> Tag Standard

Moritz Grimm gtgbr at gmx.net
Sun Apr 28 12:26:38 PDT 2002

Erik Stenborg wrote:
> > What is the purpose of not having them? Or worse, not being allowed to
> > have them? Why do people invest tremendous amounts of time on how to
> > restrict themselves?
> It's a matter of displaying the tags intelligently. In guis like the
> plugins to winamp and xmms i usually only want to display a subset of the
> fields in a tag. It would then be convenient to look at the tag as a
> hashtable and display e.g. "Tag.GetValue('ARTIST') + ' - ' +
> Tag.GetValue('TITLE')"

It's not Ogg Vorbis' fault that the players are too dumb to display tags
the way it should be. It's up to the players whether they just display
the tags as-is or merge multiple tags into one using an arbitary
delimiter, e.g. for displaying purposes. If you want to get it right,
nag the developers of your favorite players and taggers. It is
definitely wrong to intentionally break the current specs of Vorbis,
which say that the tags only important feature is human readablitity.

> Freedom to do as you like is good but may sometimes make life difficult
> for other people. If I for example would prefer the tag "Spår: 10" instead
> of "TRACKNUMBER=10", why should I not be allowed to do this?

Yes, for this reason we have the existing standard. Its main purpose is
not parseability, though, but rather backwards compatibility. Of course,
it would be nice if various playing and tagging applications could be
configured to use any tag as TRACKNUMBER, or ARTIST, or whatever. Since
that's not the case, we voluntarily use the tags from the standard. Or
don't. You're free to do what you want, since every compliant player
displays all tags anyways.


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