[vorbis] Winamp support at last!

Jeremy M. Hanrahan hanrahan at tartarus.uwa.edu.au
Sat Apr 27 16:03:56 PDT 2002

> | > Vorbis will have a hard time gainign mainstream support until
> | > there is a simple one click way to burn audio cds from it. 
> | > That is what helped mp3 boom the way it did. Many would 
> | > download from napster and make their own cds. With Vorbis, 
> | > you have to decode to wav and then burn and most dont care 
> | > enough to take the extra step.
> | > 
> | Huh?
> | I thought this is what the "mp3" burning programs did too. ?!?
> | 
> | Don't all formats need to go through the "wav" stage to be 
> burnt on a 
> | CD? How exactly can you get around this with MP3 files?
> I think the important issue here is that the tool does it for 
> you, that you don't have to decode to WAV yourself prior to 
> burning a set of WAV's to an audio CD. Whether this is done 
> on the fly, with intermediate files or using smokesignals is 
> irrelevant, IMHO ;)
> Paul 'WEiRD' de Weerd

In that case we just need tools that do this. -Or rather the tools that
do it for mp3 files need to accept ogg vorbis format aswell.
-On that topic, I have been using MediaJukebox as my player since about
Ver 7. It has always played vorbis files and I'm pretty sure the
CD-Burner tool it has would accept ogg's as input. (I haven't tried it
myself, but reading the Help on the topic indicates that it will burn
from any PLAYLIST you give it, and it mentions that it uses a "convert
to wav" stage in the burning process. -So I can only assume that it
accepts the formats that it can play/decode.


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