AW: [vorbis] Tag Proposal -> Tag Standard

Slavomir Kopinec slavomir.kopinec at
Fri Apr 26 02:22:56 PDT 2002

> On Fri, 26 Apr 2002, John Morton wrote:

> > How often do you need to write a tag? Now, how often do you need to read
> > tags relative to writing them? If the tag is at the end of the file, you
> > to scan to the end to read it, which takes a lot longer than just
reading it 
> > from the beginning. This really begins to add up if your playlist
> > likes to suck up all the tags of all the music you have.
> I hope you realize this argument is wrong... If not, hint: seeking to the
> end of the file takes constant time regardless of file size.

One physical ogg bitstream (= file) can contain more logical ogg bitstreams
(maybe vorbis streams) so seeking to the end of the file doesn't help
generally. But as far as we have "serial numbers" in streams it is possible
to search a bit smarter that seek byte by byte from the start of the file.


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