[vorbis] Tag Proposal -> Tag Standard

Keith Wright kwright at gis.net
Thu Apr 25 23:30:25 PDT 2002

> From: David Gasaway <dave at gasaway.org>
> Segher Boessenkool wrote:
> Again, that's fine for personal use.  I'm talking about building a 
> community.  I cannot necessarily understand what someone else has put 
> into tags.  It's bad enough with "ARTIST" (which I've come to accept). 
> If someone uses "MUSIC_DUDE", then I've really got a problem.

Why do you care what I scribble on my album covers?

> >>>a) We didn't invite any of that discussion
> >>Who's we, and to which discussion are you referring?
> > The vorbis@ list users;  all of this never-ending discussion.
> Vorbis list users *did* invite this discussion.  Where do you think it 
> came from?!?

I have not kept careful track of who is discussing this, but it
is not all Vorbis list subscribers.  Some of us are getting a
little tired of it (e.g. me).

> As I said, each user would need to develop a personal standard;
> hardly productive.

If the people don't want to be productive, nobody can stop them.

If the Vorbis format lets you put in whatever tags and text you
want, specifies the encoding (Unicode), and suggests a few tags
that are useful to spell the same way always (Artist, Title, Date),
then it seems that communities can grow by themselves.

If you have some particular way you want your database arranged,
go ahead and do it.  Write down how you do it and tell your friends.
Put it on your web page, ask others to link to it.  If enough
people like it, it will happen, at least for your community.

...but don't try to control the world, because the Bulgarian
Society for the Presevation of Antique Train Noises will
have their own format which none of us will understand,
but that's OK because we don't want to listen to train
whistles with commentary in Bulgarian.

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