[vorbis] Tag changes

Jonathan Walther krooger at debian.org
Sun Apr 14 23:46:58 PDT 2002

On Sun, Apr 14, 2002 at 10:10:30PM +0300, Beni Cherniavksy wrote:
>The word "must" should not appear in the document IMO.  For example I can
>write 19?7-03-04 if I didn't hear well and keep it like this until I find
>out...  Possibilites for scratching notes are endless, this should only be

Would this work as a solution?
DATE="1907-03-04 decade unknown; likely incorrect."

>vorbiscomment -l *.ogg | grep -i 'date=.* mix' | sort -d = -f 2 | \
>cut -d = -f 2-

I like this, and it's what I had in mind.  The example above would

DATE="1907-03-04 mix (decade unknown, likely incorrect)"

Does this work alright for you?  It fits with the current wording of the


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