[vorbis] Trying to figure out the library...

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Tue Apr 9 03:21:33 PDT 2002

John Wedoff (john at wedoff.org) wrote:

> Microsoft suggests putting something like the following in headers to test
> to make certain that the libraries are linked against code using the same C
> runtime:
>     // MyReusableDynamicLinkReleaseLibrary.h
>     #if !defined(_MT) || !defined(_DLL) || defined(_DEBUG)
>         #error The /MD compiler switch is required.
>     #endif

I don't know about C++, and obviously Microsoft's compilers may be
lenient here, but standard C doesn't permit the # to be indented.
Assuming that the #if is in the first column,

     #if !defined(_MT) || !defined(_DLL) || defined(_DEBUG)
     #    error The /MD compiler switch is required.

is permitted.

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