[vorbis] 2 questions about compiling the source

Eric Fortier efortier at techlogic.ca
Sun Apr 7 13:49:18 PDT 2002

Hi all,

Q1: The source defined this structure in the psy.h file:

typedef struct{
  int       eighth_octave_lines;

  float     preecho_thresh[4];
  float     postecho_thresh[4];
  float     preecho_minenergy;

  float     ampmax_att_per_sec;

  int       delaycache;
} vorbis_info_psy_global;

However, the file psytune.c makes this declaration:

tatic vorbis_info_psy_global _psy_set0G={
  0,   /* decaydBpms */
  8,   /* lines per eighth octave */
  /* thresh sample period, preecho clamp trigger threshhold, range, minenergy */
  256, {26.f,26.f,26.f,30.f}, {-90.f,-90.f,-90.f,-90.f}, -90.f,


The declaration of _psy_set0G clearly has "too many initializers" as the compiler says. What am I missing? I'm using Embedded VC++, and I'm trying to compile this for future use in PocketPC projects.

Q2: Most of the __INT64 declarations are converted to INT by the compiler (eVC). Will this affect the playback? If so, what can I do?

I'm not an expect with C or vorbis or eVC, and hope someone can help me.


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