[vorbis] Unreal Tournament 2003

Wilson defiler at null.net
Fri Apr 5 07:55:37 PST 2002

I've just gotten around to reading the IRC chat with the developers of
Unreal Tournament 2003.
Looks like Vorbis support is a possibility:

[21:53] <Mancubus> Has the idea of a built in mp3 player been introduced? :)
[21:53] <Orpheus> Mancubus, wont happen
[21:53] <Orpheus> Fraunhofer owns the rights to Mp3.
[21:53] <Mancubus> Why not?
[21:53] <Orpheus> Epic would have to Pay $ for every copy of their game sold
[21:53] <Mancubus> Why?
[21:53] <Orpheus> Built in Vorbis is feasible since thats what it uses for
sound anyway.
[21:53] <Orpheus> Mancubus, Fraunhofer owns Mp3
[21:54] <beg> built in vorbis would own
[21:54] <Orpheus> you cant make a commercial decoder without paying a
license fee.
[21:54] <Mancubus> Fraunhofer?
[21:54] <MarkRein[Epic]> An MP3 license is NOT cheap - Ogg Vorbis is just as
good and there are converters available anyway

Orpheus and MarkRein are both Unreal developers.


For those who aren't plugged into the gaming world, Unreal Tournament 2003
is the forthcoming sequel to Unreal Tournament, the very very successful
first person shooter.

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