[vorbis] Icecast2 in xiph CVS, PATCH!

Michael Smith msmith at labyrinth.net.au
Thu Sep 27 02:20:55 PDT 2001

At 07:16 AM 9/27/01 GMT, you wrote:
>Hi! Here are some patches to the CVS (ices) that I made to 
>get my radio webinterface with songselection-support 
>To make the log update (flush) each time something is 
>written (before the patch it flushes only when you quit):

I fixed this problem a couple of days ago. Rather than explicly
calling log_flush() at any time, the code now, after opening the
log file, puts it into line-buffered mode, so that after each line
is written, the buffer is flushed. So this patch isn't needed now.

>To make ices restart playing the playlist from the 
>beginning when it is updated:

I can see why some people might want this, but the current 
behaviour is very deliberate. If you send me another patch that
makes this new behaviour optional (and defaulting to the old
way), I'll apply it, otherwise I'll try and remember to add such
an option myself next time I do something to ices2.

Thanks for the patches, regardless ;)


p.s. ices2 isn't yet feature-complete (or even close), so if there 
are any specific features you'd find useful, please email me (offlist),
and tell me what you want. There aren't that many people using ices2
yet, so it'd help.

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