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stop this shit now

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> Bush's Press Conference: Into the Abyss
> by Rick Rozoff [Posted 12 September 2001]
> [Mr. Rozzoff is an editor of Emperor's Clothes]
> =======================================
> As many of you have, I just watched US President Bush's White House press
> conference on yesterday's gruesome events in New York City and Washington,
> D.C.
> Bush and the United States federal government have officially declared
> war...only it is not evident against whom.
> Subsequent reports indicate that Bush will appear before the U.S. Congress
> invoke the War Powers Act, passed by the House in the 1970s to limit a
> president's ability to wage war unilaterally and arbitrarily, but
> as an effective mechanism for doing so in April of 1999 when the Clinton
> Administration, for the first time in US history, was denied authorization
> continue a war - against Yugoslavia - in a 213-213 vote in the Congress.
> Within an hour of that vote a Clinton National Security Council spokesman
> on national television shrieking that not only would the bombing not stop,
> but that it would be intensified.
> By the US Congress accepting that crude diktat and nevertheless
> funding for the continuation of the illegal war, it definitively signalled
> the end of the US Constitutional role of America's formal representatives
> oversee and rein in the chief executive - half a president, half a
monarch -
> in future acts of illegal miitary actions and aggression abroad.
> It appears that each successive American administration pushes yet further
> the boundaries of armed adventurism and catastrophe.
> As all the news commentators assure us, Bush will receive near-unanimous
> carte blanche authorization to wage war whenever, wherever and against
> whomever he finds it expedient to do so.
> The US Congress, Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals,
> avowed war hawks and alleged Progressive Caucus members, will grant him
> whatever he requests: The funds and support to attack any country or
> countries, even those not even remotely implicated in yesterday's attacks,
> and the use of whatever weaponry, conventional and otherwise, he should
> choose to employ.
> What in fact Mr. Bush will soon be armed with - by that assemblage of
> professional politicians on the Hill who yesterday evening broke into a
> spontaneous chorus of God Bless America, right out of the closing scene of
> the revanchist Hollywood film, The Deer Hunter - is an unlimited,
> blank check to wage la guerre eternal - war without end.
> The White House, with none of the fictitious foreign policy fissures we've
> heard so much about, and its diehard loyalists on both sides of the
> Congressional aisle, have been evoking the specter of Osama bin Laden to
> rally hateful and revengeful public sentiment and to personify the
> oft-repeated *evil* that threatens the United States and, to quote the
> president, "all democratic and freedom-loving people" - no other of whom,
> should be noted, seems to be on the alleged hit list of Mr. bin Laden.
> Furthermore, and ominously, Bush threatens not only to attack - recall
> is in his words a state of war - the actual perpetrators of yesterday's
> attacks (whomever they may be), but "their harbors." Not those who
> harbor them, but their harbors.
> To be consistent, which is to say honest, Bush, as his legion of
> operatives could readily tell him, would have to identify who has and
> is supporting the villain of this dangerous melodrama, Osama bin Laden.
> Bin Laden worked hand in glove with the US Central Intelligence Agency
> the early 1980s in establishing his Maktab al-Khidamar network, which
> money and recruited jehadis - the so-called Afghan Arabs, estimated to be
> some 10,000 strong - to overthrow the secular Democratic Republic of
> Afghanistan.
> He was a joint asset of the CIA and Pakistan's Inter-Service Intelligence,
> which the Afghan Northern Opposition, Russia and India insist still
> and controls him and his current Al-Qaida operation. The latter is
> by Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates...all three loyal
> and British clients regimes and recipients of Anglo-American military
> protection and largesse. So if Bush is looking for harbors to bomb, he
> where they are located.
> He also knows where they are not.
> And where and who they are not are the likely targets: Iraq, Syria, Libya
> Iran.
> All four are not only not linked to bin Laden in any conceivable manner,
> instead are vocal opponents of him and his activities; are in fact
> victims of the same.
> An audio voice-over somehow got on an American television network
> that said: Bin Laden, who has assisted forces in Somalia, Bosnia, Chechnya
> and Kosovo....
> The link has never been broken, of course, and the CIA's Frankenstein
> still serves its purposes.
> Further Reading:
> 1) While Washington points to Osama bin Laden as "suspect # 1" in
> horrific violence, the truth is not being told to the American people:
> 'Washington Created Osama bin Laden' by Jared Israel can be read at
> http://emperors-clothes.com/articles/jared/sudan.html#w
> 2) If one looks carefully, one can find in the Western media evidence that
> bin Laden has been involved - on the U.S.-backed side - in Kosovo, Bosnia
> now Macedonia.
> 3) Bin Laden was propelled into power as part of the U.S. drive to create
> Islamist terrorist movement to crush the former Soviet Union. See, the
> amazing account from the 'Washington Post,' 'Washington's Backing of
> Terrorists: Deliberate Policy.' at
> http://emperors-clothes.com/docs/anatomy.htm
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