[vorbis] extremly off topic I know but since it leaked into the list anyway....

craig duncan duncan at nycap.rr.com
Sun Sep 16 13:42:57 PDT 2001

Could i respectfully suggest that, at least for a while, we all be a bit more
respectful and understanding and refrain from talk of "nuking" others, etc. 
I apologize for my insult of two people who i perceived as venting their
hostility to this list.  That's really not cool.  Neither is posting stuff
that adds salt to the wounds suffered by some from the recent incident.  To
me, this is not a time to vent aggressive hostility, as the feeling isn't
really a good one and even that doesn't last long.  And why not direct your
feelings about inappropriate postings to the list owner or directly to the
individuals involved?  I'm sure Monty would love all the email (not).  Peace,

Patrick Masters wrote:
> Apparently he doesnt. It makes it harder to stomach when you have lost
> someone in this tragedy like I have and others as well.
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> I third the motion to nuke this guy.
> I am the moderator (one of them at least) of the shoutcast discussion
> list... perhaps that is something I could take on here as a task? Jack??
> As for this post, does this guy get at all anything that has been happening
> for the past 20 years??
> Anti-American Propaganda will get you no where. Take your conspiracy
> theories and choke on them.
> Lithium

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