lowpass option (Was: RE: [vorbis] channel coupling in rc2)

Greg Wooledge greg at wooledge.org
Tue Sep 4 15:09:19 PDT 2001

Gian-Carlo Pascutto (gcp at sjeng.org) wrote:

> Picking a higher bitrate in Vorbis does exactly that 
> (because you're NOT actually picking a higher bitrate, your 
> picking a higher lowpass with less HF masking and a less 
> aggressive stereo mode).

That's the problem -- you (currently) can't specify a different lowpass
without also simultaneously specifying a different stereo mode.  I might
want a higher lowpass without "wasting" bits on a less aggressive stereo

> (if it puts your mind at ease, Monty is experimenting with putting
> the lowpass at 20Khz for 128kbps)

That's quite sufficient for me. :-)

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