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I know that if you download the vorbis windows sdk, there you can find the
vorbis.dll (also vorbisenc.dll and ogg.dll).
What I don´t know is if it is still compatible with old versions. Try
renaming your dll and copying the new one.

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I downloaded CDex to rip directly to Ogg without using OggEnc or Oggdrop,
and it seems to use a file called vorbis.dll to encode the files. A very
old one too. Is there any place where I can download a RC2 vorbis.dll
file?? I hoped to find a newer vorbis.dll on my computer, but it looks like
neither oggenc or oggdrop use a separate .dll file...at least not called


I use CDex a lot too, If you look at the website (http://cdex.n3.net) you'll
see it uses
Vorbis RC1 for version 1.40b6+ so it's not that old, perhaps in the next
release, beta 9,
it will get upgraded, maybe if you ask nicely. :)

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