[vorbis] Icecast2 in xiph CVS, PATCH!

Gian-Carlo Pascutto gcp at sjeng.org
Thu Sep 27 15:16:42 PDT 2001

On Thu, 27 Sep 2001, Per Wigren wrote:

> Thursday 27 September 2001 12.06 skrev du:
> > Bitrate peeling is still a way off - the current encoder wouldn't
> > sound good with peeling, even though the format supports it and it
> > would work. Once the encoder can generate output that will give
> > good results when peeled, I'll add that.
> You mean that my 10000+ OGGs cannot be peeled, not even when the peeling code
> is available in libvorbis??!!
> I've used Gian-Carlo's RC2-GT1 version for all of them...

As I understand it, the problem is that the peeler would have
to know about the psychoacoustics to know what to peel. So
the encoder must structure the ogg in a fit way so that the
peeler can deduce what to remove or not.

Do I got this right? Is it possible to make a 'smart' peeler
that can handle oggs that aren't structured in that way?

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